Residential Services

Residential HVAC Services

Whether you’re a Texas native or simply passing through, it doesn’t take long to recognize Texas for it’s infamously hot summers. Don’t let your loved ones suffer. Call Vortech Air today for your residential heating and air conditioning needs.

Often times we find that clients are afraid to have their air conditioners checked out. They typically report that they want to avoid a hefty bill, as well as the headache that comes with having a technician in and out of their home.

When choosing Vortech Air to handle your HVAC repair needs, you’ll be relieved to find our prices are competitive and fair, and the job is completed in a timely fashion, leaving you cool and comfortable by nightfall within the same day! Most problems can be identified within 15 or 20 minutes of checking out your system. We know your time is valuable.

Although Vortech Air can meet most repair needs, you might be thinking it’s time for a new system entirely. In the last decade, the HVAC industry has made many technological advancements. HVAC installation and repair no longer centers entirely around keeping you cool in your home. Indoor and outdoor allergies, humidity control, and energy efficiency (so you can keep your electric bill under control) are now elements to the job we can address.

Jim Voris, the founder of Vortech Air, has been in the HVAC industry long enough to see these changes come into fruition, and has first hand experience and knowledge on how to transition into a new home air conditioning system as comfortably as possible.

If your home is in need of a completely new system, Vortech Air is proudly certified to sell you the absolute best equipment on the market. We are an independent American standard dealer, and we offer a wide variety of in-home models manufactured to meet the customer’s specific needs.

Vortech Air would be happy to go over your new system options with you. We promise, you’ll feel 100% confident about what you’re purchasing through Vortech Air.

We often find that the “big” jobs that leave our customers feeling frustrated (and paying a bigger bill) could have been avoided if their systems were maintained and tuned up at the recommended intervals (about twice a year).

We, at Vortech Air, are happy to offer servicing agreements that will save you the hassle in the long run. Trust our technicians to keep you feeling cool year round, and avoid a big HOT mess down the road!

Maintenance Tips

The life of your heating & cooling system depends on the service and care you give it. Proper care assures good performance.

We have put together a set of simple "Dos and Don'ts" that every homeowner should follow.